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Are you suffering from foot or ankle problems? Our clinic specialises in foot, ankle and gait complications. Click on the link below to book your appointment with our Podiatrist now.



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We use the latest medical techniques and state of the art podiatry equipment. Employing the latest technological developments



All our podiatrists have completed a 3 year full-time Podiatric medicine degree. They are Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered and maintain rigorous CPD

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MyFootMedic use sterilised instruments to ensure the highest standards of infection control. The safety of our patients is the most important thing to us

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Our practitioners have completed a whole degree on feet at the least (far more than a UK GP)

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MyFootMedic are highly competent at diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of lower limb conditions. Following guidelines set out by the HCPC



Our practitioners can confer with our lead podiatrist and medical advisory board (when appropriate and at the patients discretion)


We focus on superb customer service. To submit feedback, please contact us.

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Clive SmithClive Smith
17:05 17 Dec 22
I was myself referred to Luke at MyFootMedic and would have no hesitation to recommend him to others. An obvious understanding of all things feet and skeletal mechanics. Ultimately time will tell but as i stand, walk and run right now my prior symptoms and pain are non existent
Bryan dowlingBryan dowling
07:08 09 Dec 22
I was having a problem with severe pain in my ankle and intermittent swelling. I work in construction and this was causing me to have a lot of time off from work as I was unable to walk without pain. I had an initial consultation with Luke, he did a bio mechanical assessment of my feet and observed how I was walking on the treadmill. He took a 3D scan to get me set up with some orthotics, they’re expensive but worth the investment in the long run. I was given various exercises and stretches to do, Luke would talk me through why they were important and how they would help with the overall movement of my feet. I found him very professional and personable during every meeting. My issues are solved for the most part, I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
14:52 14 Nov 22
I went to see Luke as I had a very painful foot injury and I was training for the London Marathon 2022. I was worried that I might have a stress fracture. Luke was very thorough at getting the bottom of my problem. I had several treatments with Luke and within a couple weeks I was pain free. I went onto complete the London Marathon with no issues with my feet on the day or afterwards. Luke is very knowledgeable and professional, and I highly recommend his services. I will not hesitate to seek his help again in the future if needs be.
Richard WootonRichard Wooton
18:49 10 Nov 22
I would like to thank Luke for helping me out, I have had multiple issues with my achilles when walking, doing various sports and gym, not only has this resolved (after me seeing 3 other professionals) but his clear, concise advice has helped me even further, not only can I walk without pain, go gym, but I can finally run that half marathon I've always wanted to do. Thankyou very much. You have been incredible.
Sharon CheshamSharon Chesham
17:00 06 Oct 22
I had a running injury and couldn't lift one foot. I rested it for a week but it showed no signs of improvement so I went to see Luke. After carrying out some treatment Luke set out an exercise program I needed to do to get my foot working again. Luke also worked on my stiff ankle which I hadn't even noticed was stiff until he started to move it around. He doesn't just work on the problem you go to see him for but also checks for other issues. A fantastic podiatrist that I recommend to everyone
Samantha LangleySamantha Langley
17:29 05 Oct 22
I had a family member recommend Luke to us as my son was having issues with his big toes when playing rugby. Luke examined my sons feet first then got him walking/running on a treadmill, he then explained everything to myself and 16 yr old son as to what was happening, he followed up the consultation with a detailed email and recommendations of footwear and exercises that would help his foot condition. Would highly recommend anyone who has a foot problem to go and see Luke at MyFootMedic.
david j w baileydavid j w bailey
09:38 16 May 22
Recommended without hesitation. Tricky painful and chronic condition and two acute hospitalisations was threatening to wreck my ability to hike long distances. Diagnosed, treated, mobilised, and given a simple and effective home physio maintenance regime. Also a hugely nice human who goes the extra mile to ensure the patient is fully able to stay recovered.
Dee PatelDee Patel
10:04 22 Mar 22
Luke is amazing, trustworthy and really helped me
Andi FildesAndi Fildes
16:11 01 Mar 22
After 2.5years of plantar fascia issues, luke provided a quick accurate diagnosis and accruately prescribed treatment and orthotic supports which now give me the chance to complete my first marathon. Excellent and painfree👍
Georgia MyersGeorgia Myers
06:10 02 Oct 21
Very good experience. I had a ingrown toe nail for over a year and it was sorted within a 40 minute consultation appointment. Very happy with the result and now pain free.Staff were very helpful, knowledgeable and professional.Thank you 🙂
W ReynoldsW Reynolds
20:57 29 Jul 21
Brilliant treatment!Luke is very friendly, knowledgeable, professional and great at explaining why I have problems with my feet and how to solve them.I have had custom insoles made for my shoes/work boots and already feeling the benefits.He sends personalised emails containing Physio exercises, advice on footware and other helpful information.I recommend to anyone needing relief for foot pain or problems.
Krunal PatelKrunal Patel
16:49 09 Jul 21
Fantastic find, the appointment was quick, detailed and to the point, diagnosed and treated superbly
Aurora TovarAurora Tovar
20:26 01 Jun 21
Dr McCarthy is amazing! We had a online appointment with him because we live in Germany. He was able to diagnose my daughters toe condition within 5 minutes of our meeting, we had no such luck in Germany after 5 doctors visits. We are so relieved to finally be able to have a name to her condition and be able to treat it as well. Dr McCarthy’s service was efficient, he is extremely knowledgeable and will offer resources as well as a detailed email outlining your online visit. So glad I came across his podiatry practice!
Vijay KotechaVijay Kotecha
14:25 21 Nov 20
I was impressed by how knowledgeable and professional Luke is. During the initial consultation Luke made it easy for me to understand the treatments which would be best suited for me. The treatments have worked fantastically well and I would highly recommend My Foot Medic if you are in need of a podiatrist
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