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Expert Podiatry, Chiropody and Injury Rehabilitation Services in Bedford.

Foot, Ankle and Gait Specialists.

Welcome to MyFootMedic, your trusted destination for expert podiatry and chiropody services in Bedford.

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About us

Comprehensive Foot Care Solutions at MyFootMedic

Established in 2019 to incorporate the latest scientific developments, MyFootMedic is at the forefront of private podiatric practice services in the UK.
Our mission is to offer optimised treatments to help patients stay mobile and pain free, allowing them to get back to the activities they love and perform at the highest level. Whether this be walking to the corner shop or running in the Olympics; our team of professionals are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

Biomechanics & Orthotics

We offer in-depth biomechanical assessments and prescription orthotics for a range of conditions.
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