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If you are a new patient or a returning patient with a new presenting problem, you will need to book an ‘Initial Appointment’ with us. These appointments will include all of the in-house assessments that are required, a review of your medical history to ensure your safety, discussion of your diagnosis and the formulation of a treatment plan. In most cases, treatment will also be offered during your first appointment. Initial appointments range from £105-£175 depending on the nature of your problem. An extended scope specialist Podiatrist can conduct more complex assessments and in-depth evaluations for complicated conditions.

Follow up appointments range from £70-£85 provided no procedures or medical devices are required. Video consultations are charged at £80 per appointment. A complete list of our prices can be obtained by contacting our reception.

Initial Appointments

£105 - £175

Initial Appointment (for new patients or returning patients with a new presenting issue)


Urgent Appointment Slot (only bookable by phone)


Initial online video consultation

Private Health Insurances Coverage

We are covered by most private health insurance companies. It is best to contact your insurance provider to check your coverage before booking any appointments. We do not accept any payment plans and require all services to be paid for by yourself. We will then issue you with a receipt for you to provide to your insurance company to make your claim. Depending on your coverage, some, none, or all your charges may be covered.
For all patients wishing to go through private health insurance, please ensure all your appointments are with our expert podiatrists.