Competitively priced expert assessment and treatment. 

Your feet cared for in a friendly and professional manner

Competitively priced expert assessment and treatment, performed in a friendly and professional manner

Welcome to My Foot Medic. 

The place where our expert Podiatrists are here to help you.

In order to give you the best service possible, all new patients are required to book an ‘Initial Appointment’. If you are an existing patient, but with a new problem, you will also need to book an ‘Initial Appointment’.

These initial appointments allow extra time to appropriately assess your condition and go through the best treatments available.
In the majority of these appointments, treatment can be discussed and completed. If necessary, your Podiatrist will advise you on what type of subsequent appointments you may need for further care.


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face to face APPOINTMENTS

Initial Appointment (for new patients or returning patients with a new presenting issue) 


Follow-up Appointment


Skin & Nail Maintenance Appointment


Urgent Appointment Slot (only bookable by phone)


Online Video Consultation

Initial Appointment


Follow-up Appointment



Nail Surgery One Toe (includes two follow-up appointments and dressing materials)


Nail Surgery Per Additional Toe


Verruca Needling (includes two follow-up appointments and dressing materials)


Fungal Nail Lab Test


Fungal Nail Micropenetration (includes three follow-up appointments)


Orthotics & Insoles



Prefabricated Orthotics (including customisation)


Bespoke Modular Insoles


3D Casted Orthotic


3D Casted Orthotic – Repeat Prescription


Ankle-Foot Orthoses

from £750


Local/Regional Anaesthesia

from £50

Steroid Injection


Dermal Filler Injection





Letter to Non-Medical Addressee (e.g. work/school)


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