Competitively priced expert assessment and treatment. 

Your feet cared for in a friendly and professional manner

Competitively priced expert assessment and treatment, performed in a friendly and professional manner


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face to face APPOINTMENTS

Initial Appointment (for new patients or returning patients with a new presenting issue) 


Routine Foot Care Appointment


Follow-up Appointment


Urgent Appointment Slot (only bookable by phone)


Appointment with Local Anaesthesia


Online Video Consultation

Initial Appointment


Follow-up Appointment



Nail Surgery One Toe (includes two follow-up appointments and dressing materials)


Nail Surgery Per Additional Toe


Verruca Needling (includes two follow-up appointments and dressing materials)


Fungal Nail Lab Test


Fungal Nail Micropenetration (includes three follow-up appointments)


Orthotics & Insoles



Prefabricated Orthotics (including customisation)


Bespoke Modular Insoles


3D Casted Orthotic


3D Casted Orthotic – Repeat Prescription





Letter to Non-Medical Addressee (e.g. work/school)


New patients must first attend an ‘initial appointment’, for which full payment is required on booking. Once booked, a medical questionnaire will be emailed for completion before arrival to the clinic. In the majority of cases, treatment will start during your initial consultation, however, this is not guaranteed and is dependent on the complexity of the case and required treatment. If further treatment is required, in the initial consultation you will be guided as to which session/s to book.

Fungal Nail Micro-penetration, Nail Surgery and Verruca Needling are not performed in an initial consultation. Payment is required in advance for each of these procedures. Patients will be told how long any procedure will take in their initial consultation. For one toe, nail surgery treatment typically takes 1 hour.

We are able to offer services for the majority of private health insurance providers. To find out more information, please contact your provider and our clinic.

Please note, additional charges may be applied during appointments for medications, medical devices and specialist services. Additional charges include (but are not limited to) those stated below. If additional costs are required, this will be explained to you prior to incurring the associated cost. If received, patients must pay for these at their appointment.

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