Selling YOUR Podiatry PRACTICE

It’s about more than just a sale

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At MyFootMedic, we have been working with practice owners to help them maximise not only the sale value of their practice, but also the other characteristics of a sale that are precious to them.

It can be a daunting thought, parting with something that has formed such a large part of your working life. Especially after putting your heart and soul into building the business while nurturing a loyal patient base.

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Through industry leading experience of Mergers & Acquisitions (buying and selling businesses), MyFootMedic have developed an innovative ‘win-win’ model that works, for us as well as the owner selling the practice.

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We will be more than happy to speak with you regarding any of the points raised in our ‘selling a practice’ guide accessible below. The most common stumbling block we find is that we only purchase practices of scale, most typically over 70 hours total practitioner time per week, or £200k annual revenue.

Give us a call, or email me personally on

I hope our paths cross and I wish you and your practice an abundant future wherever your journey takes you.


Luke McCarthy | MFM Co-owner

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