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Established in 2019 to incorporate the latest scientific developments, MyFootMedic is at the forefront of private podiatric practice services in the UK.

MyFootMedic is the result of two great friends, both former full-time skiers, believing foot health care in the UK is becoming less effective. Foot health care services the NHS offers continue to diminish, and reluctant podiatrists working in private practice often struggle to run the ‘business’ side of their operations, to effectively communicate the range of services they are able to offer, or to keep at the forefront of the latest advances in medicine.

The science of podiatry continues to advance, however diminishing NHS services and practitioner development has led to some people in the UK with nowhere to turn for services which may permanently affect their health, as experienced by co-founder Max.

Since finishing top of the class in his degree, requests for Luke’s expertise have seen him work in a variety of private practices, for which he has been unable to satisfy demand. Luke can see many other podiatrists are either unable to market their services effectively or are unwilling to utilise the most up to date techniques, meaning there are few who can offer the level of service instilled within MyFootMedic.

Regulatory and Governing Bodies

The Allied Health Professions Federation (AHPF)
comprises twelve professional bodies representing Allied Health Professionals (including the COP), such as Radiographers, Physiotherapists and Paramedics.

The AHPF provides collective leadership and representation on common issues that impact its members’ professions.

The College of Podiatry (COP) is the professional body and trade union for registered podiatrists. The College represents around 10,000 private practitioners, NHS podiatrists and students.

The College of Podiatry promotes guidelines and standards of practice that are evidence based, ensuring patient safety and clinical effectiveness with a focus on outcomes.

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
is an independent, UK-wide regulatory body responsible for setting and maintaining professional standards to protect the public.

To do this, the HCPC keep a register of health and care professionals for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health, for which all MFM professionals are registered.

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